Tipps Ihrer Polizei

10 golden rules...

1. Keep the front door closed during the day as well. Check who wants to come in before you open.

2. Be aware of strangers in the house and on the property; speak to these people if necessary.

3. Always lock the front door of your apartment twice, even if you leave it for a short time, and don’t just let the door „slam shut“. Cellar and storage doors should also always be locked.

4. Never hide your house or apartment key outside the apartment; Burglars know every hiding place.

5. Lock your windows and balcony doors even if you are away for a short time; Tilted windows and balcony doors are particularly easy for burglars to open.

6. Make sure that your apartment gives the impression that you are inhabited even if you are away for a long time. For example, your neighbor may B. emptying the mailbox and timers can control your light at irregular times.

7. Exchange telephone numbers and perhaps exact addresses with your neighbors so that you can be reached in the event of an emergency.

8. Do not let strangers into your home; if you do not know people, you should consult neighbors if necessary.

9. Be aware of strangers visiting elderly neighbors and ask what they want.

10. Inform the police if window panes rattle and door wood splinteres in the stairwell; never try to detain burglars!

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